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October 23, 2005


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I left Esther a note on Ravelry looking for Lettuce malabrigo from her stash. OMG the shawls on this site are heavenly and too absolutely beautiful to be earthmade.


I left Esther a note on Ravelry looking for Lettuce malabrigo from her stash. OMG the shawls on this site are heavenly and too absolutely beautiful to be earthmade.


Hi Beth:

Thank for commenting on my blog site. Yes you can felt the coat. The same thing happened to me when I finally finished my coat it was way too big. I just threw it into the washing machine and let whatever happen, happen.

I know now that there are things you can do to prevent edges from stretching out and the coat going crazily out of shape. Strongly basting the bottom of the coat and the button edge together as well as the neck edge would help the edges from stretching out. Also I would suggest putting the coat into a clean cloth bag (a large pillowcase would work), and tying the ends of the pillowcase very tightly to prevent the coat from getting out of the bag during the cycle.

Read some articles on felting first – the web is a good source. But basically, you need very little water in the bottom of the washing machine, along with a bit of soap suds. You can figure that it will probably take at least a full wash cycle (about 10-15 minutes), but I watched mine very closely, checking it every few minutes.

It has been several years now since I did this, and the coat still looks great, although I’m thinking of refelting it – there are some areas where it either didn’t felt properly, or it has stretched out.

Good luck. If you need any further assistance, let me know.



I have just finished an einstein coat in lopi and it turned out really well - except that it is too big. Can I felt it to make it somewhat smaller? I don't know anything about felting, but I need to make this coat smaller. Any advice?


Finally making use of that Noro, eh!? Looks good!

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    Inspired by the ruffled green shawl worn by HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge shortly after her wedding, this pattern has 4 sizes, 3 version with different stitches and a wonderful suicide ruffle in either mock rib, or stocking stitch. $6.50 USD
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